Our Story

Mimi Clothing MNL was established in 2018 by Karinna and Karizza, taken from the nickname they would call each other "Mimi". They wanted to create a brand that was patterned after their journey with clothes-- the twins sought out to make their wardrobe more concise, and suited to their lifestyle and values. Quality, design, and integrity have always been the top priorities to Karinna and Karizza, values they make sure to always bring into Mimi Clothing.

Mimi Clothing MNL is an urgent call for a lifestyle change towards sustainability, which incorporates
everyday classics with eco-fabrics to amplify Mimi’s advocacy while illustrating that you don't have to
compromise creativity and style when going sustainable.

Mimi Clothing MNL operates in small productions, always making sure that suppliers are being paid fairly.
It also offers alteration services to support people in their journey to a more sustainable wardrobe by
giving them clothes that best suit them.

We make sure that all our practices as a company reflect our advocacy, using eco-friendly quality
materials, operating online and utilizing reusable canvas bags to eliminate the unnecessary and one-time
use of plastics. In an industry that has been identified as one of the biggest abusers of the planet, Mimi
Clothing MNL strives to minimize its impact on the environment and give life to the global sustainable
fashion battle cry of looking good, feeling good and doing good.

The need for drastic change has become more and more apparent as consequences of climate change
rooted from careless human behavior show off irreparable damage to our home, planet Earth. As
consumers and members of the community, it is our obligation to modify our daily routines and make
calculated decisions to ensure that the state of our environment is improved. Sustainable fashion is a
movement that drives your clothing behavior toward a more ecologically and socially sound decision.