About Us


Mimi & Mimi Clothing is a daily reminder for a lifestyle change towards sustainability, bringing quality materials and craftsmanship, unique yet classic designs and longevity together to amplify the Mimi & Mimi advocacy that you don't have to compromise creativity and style when going green.


Mimi & Mimi operates in small productions, working with local communities and sewers to ensure equal opportunities and fair wages while getting you your money's worth.

We also offers alteration services to support people in their journey to a more sustainable wardrobe by giving them clothes that perfectly suit them.


In an industry that has been identified as one of the biggest abusers of the planet, Mimi & Mimi strive to minimize its impact on the environment and give life to the global sustainable fashion battle cry to look good, feel good and do good.



Mimi & Mimi was established in 2019 by Karinna and Karizza, taken from the nickname they would call each other "Mimi". They wanted to create a brand that was patterned after their journey with fashion– the ongoing learning experience of becoming a more conscious consumer. The twins sought out to make their wardrobe more concise, and suited to their lifestyle and values.